I did it!

Or rather, on Thursday evening, Tom made the very brave decision to shave my head. I’m so pleased that I can finally tick that off my bucket list. My head has never felt so cold or so smooth. I’m very happy with the result although I do keep getting confused every time I see my reflection.

Frank ready for his big day out – very happy to be carried in the backpack!

On Friday morning we left the flat with Frank in tow and walked to Barts for a blood test. After the blood test was complete and assuming that I would not be having any further treatment that day, we set off to show Frank the sights of London.

When we were in Covent Garden, I received a call from the Oncology Unit asking me to come in for treatment. I explained to them that I had been advised to delay my appointment due to being neutropenic. The nurse then told me that they had checked my results from this morning and my neutrophils had bounced back up to within treatable levels! This was great news.

Not that I really minded the idea of delaying treatment, when Hannah told me to delay the appointment I had felt as though I was gaining an extra weekend of feeling great (or not unwell) in London. I was however worried that if I had my chemotherapy delayed by a week, I had planned for people to visit Bakewell when I am supposed to be feeling “good” and that would throw my well-planned three week cycle of sickness and health and visits out of sorts. Anyway panic over, treatment schedule to continue as planned!

My second round of chemotherapy was much quicker and more tolerable than the first – no cold cap this time!

Frank-Cam: Frank’s view of London on his big day out.

Frank’s first Thames crossing
Frank looking the wrong way and missing all of the great art from around the world
Snooze stop just outside the Tate Modern
Frank was very impressed with Covent Garden
Frank hasn’t quite got the hang of walks just yet, we spend a lot of time like this
Frank’s had enough – good thing there are plenty of willing volunteers to carry him!

As you can see, Frank had a great time in London. He is excited to be a city boy.

Tom and I had a lovely weekend in the flat, seeing friends from a sociable distance. We talked about staying in London for the week as Luke & Philippa are away in France, but Tom tells me that the pizza oven needs working on if we are to produce any pizzas before the end of summer! We are now back in Bakewell and are one step closer to completing the pizza oven! I’m feeling good after my second round of chemotherapy, my head is just a little bit cold.

6 thoughts on “28/07/2020

  1. Lovely blog Cara. So positive, pleased things are going well. Your hair looks great!!! See if you get your dad to get his done!🤣🤣

    Looking forward to these pizzas.

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  2. Cara – well not everyone could pull of the skin head but you can certainly can ! Glad treatment wasn’t delayed and keep positive … Looking good 😍 xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. So sorry Cara to hear that you are on this journey. Stay strong. You are surrounded by people who love you and will always be there for you. Xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

  4. An interesting read. Glad you are able to stay positive and she’d much light on a side of your life that we dont see. Despite being called Frank I rarely get to read about other Frank’s haha. I hope to read more about your experiences and adventures with Frank

    Liked by 1 person

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