It has been a busy week! I started off on Monday by driving Tom & Frank to London for an oncology clinic appointment. Luckily, Margot kindly said that she would look after Frank for the afternoon so that Tom could come in to my appointment with me. We met her at Barts and handed over our puppy. The temperature in London was at least 15 degrees warmer than Derbyshire. After an hour and a half in the warm waiting room I was finally called in to see Melissa. She was looking super glam and as though she must share the same genes as Prince Andrew as she didn’t seem to have one bead of sweat on her.

It was a short and positive appointment. Melissa said that she was very happy with my progress so far and that it was a great sign that I could no longer feel the lump!! I am to continue with treatment as planned, as long as my blood results keep coming back within treatable levels.

Tuesday was a momentous day. After 6 years of dating, Tom and I are officially living together! He moved out of his house in Ashford and into the flat in Shadwell. I think I have been far too kind in letting him have half of the storage space in the bedroom – I may have to reassess that when we move back to London permanently.

On Wednesday, I cycled into Barts to have my bloods checked prior to round 3 of chemotherapy. After that was done, Tom and I drove to visit his grandparents in Goring. Tom’s grandad, Andy, is recently out of hospital and we were so pleased to see that he is doing very well. It was a beautiful day to spend in their garden. Frank enjoyed having the freedom to explore, playing in their dog Flossy’s paddling pool and most of all, visiting the river garden where we went for our first family swim! Frank is now a certified level 3 water doggo!

Swimming in the Thames
Day out to Goring. Photo credits: Andy Richards

Thursday was spent seeing friends, I felt as though I had a day of my life-BC (before cancer) back. It was wonderful to see them and catch up, especially as I was feeling so good, being as far away from round two as possible. I have been feeling like a bit of a fraud, as everyone I’ve spoken to has been so lovely and caring and sympathetic towards me, but I really have been feeling fine! After round two, I only had three days of nausea and tiredness, then I was back to feeling normal. Fingers crossed I continue that way for future rounds!

Frank enjoying a pint with Andy & Rea at the Dickens Inn

On Friday I went into Barts for round three of chemotherapy, my blood results must have come back within normal ranges as nothing was said about delaying this time around. I had another lovely nurse from the Philippines looking after me. I felt as though I was becoming a regular on the ward as the Spanish nurse from round two remembered me and we had a chat about Ben being in Spain and having to quarantine on his return. I was in and out in two hours, I had high hopes of starting a new book whilst I was in there but instead resorted to snoozing after a late night with the Prince girls & Philippa on Thursday!

Tom and I drove back up to Bakewell on Friday evening. We were very excited as the pizza oven was finished last Sunday and we hadn’t been able to try it out before leaving for London on Monday morning. We had the grand opening pizza party on Saturday evening with mum, dad & John present and it was a huge success!

The grand opening of the pizza oven
The first pizza party of many

Tom and I have decided to go into business together. We wanted to make the most of the pizza oven and Tom’s passion for cooking. We (Tom) will be making wood-fired pizzas for collection/delivery around Bakewell every Wednesday! I am in charge of operations, mainly taking orders & delivery! “Frank’s” will be open for business…soon! Watch this space, or follow us on instagram @frankspizzaparty for updates!

Frank, of “Frank’s”, will play no role in pizza production but may accompany me on deliveries!

6 thoughts on “16/08/2020

  1. I would love to order your Frank’s pizza🐶 and I truly admire your attitudes and your blog – amazing writing – You would be very successful as a writer🖋

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  2. Sending you lots of love Cara.

    Ps have you tried small [ tiny] cubes of strong cheddar as a reward – Frank not your Dad – spaniels love it! Xx

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